About us

Alar Krautman’s Health Academy offers beginner and continuing education for massage and
natural therapy. Alar Krautmani Terviseakadeemia OÜ is a partner of the Estonian Unemployment
Insurance Fund.
One of the school’s aims is to prepare students for a professional examination of both massage and
natural therapies. We also offer continuing education in massage therapy and for general health
improvement. We strive at our school to maintain a balance between academic knowledge and holistic
techniques. Our school has a professional team and a relaxed atmosphere. Our schools are located in
Tallinn and Tartu, if necessary, we also teach elsewhere in Estonia and abroad.
In the Health Academy you can study the following:

-Classical massage

-Estonian folk medicine

– Orient medicine

Studying takes place in the form of distance learning and lasts for two years. It is possible to study
in both Tallinn and Tartu departments. Your learning at school will be taken care of by our school

In our school you will be taught by experienced teachers. You can find all our contact details on the
contact page.